Mitra Mohamadzadeh

Mitra is a Professional Coach and Trainer 
Expert in Human Development and Personal Growth work with organizations that want to create a culture of diversity and inclusion to reduce the cost of mental health and increase awareness of unconscious bias. 

Is your team feeling stressed out and unappreciated? Are you looking for ways to help them become more resilient and engaged? Did your company just go through a massive change? Do you want to support your employees to better cope with that significant change, grief or loss, in particular in relation to the current PostCovid-19 pandemic?

The importance of training in organizations?
Training allows employees to develop new skills, sharpen existing ones, perform better, increase productivity and be better leaders.

In organization workshops, I share proven strategies for creating more positive and productive workplaces based on the findings of rigorous scientific research. My workshops help supporting grief, loss and significant change in the workplace. Participants will come away with a set of tools they can use to develop new skills, increase motivation, bolster good decision-making and increase engagement – their own or their teams.

Our thriving training workshops give employees the tools and knowledge to support a company's business objectives.

Here are the topic workshops I teach:

  • Emotional Intelligence at Work

  • Trust building and Resilience Development 

  • Employee Motivation

  • High Performance Teams Inside the Company

  • High Performance Teams Remote Workforce

  • Goal Setting and Getting Things Done

  • Crisis Management

  • Communication Strategies

  • Accountability in the Workplace

  • Change Management

  • Leadership Skills

  • Work-Life Balance 

  • Workplace Diversity 

  • Workplace Harassment

  • Teamwork and Teambuilding 

  • Self Leadership

  • Diversity and inclusion 


Gain the knowledge and confidence to know how to manage a colleague experiencing grief or traumatic loss. 

  • Dedicated support and awareness as part of a wellbeing program or initiative

  • Specific support where a significant loss has occurred

  • As an add-on module to an existing management development training program

By the end of the workshop, participants will feel more comfortable about how to support themselves and employees and how to communicate with a colleague, friend or loved one during this traumatic time.


If your company or organization is seeking a professional development speaker, contact Mitra today.