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Our carefully designed methodology training workshops take you through the process of developing relevant skills to increase your personal and professional effectiveness and productivity.

Here are the workshops I teach:


One-on-One Grief Recovery Coaching

Reconnect with your strengths- one step at a time.

My grief coaching program is designed to take you from one point to the next. You pick the destination, then together we move from where you are now to where you want to be. Many grievers struggle with the complex emotions that come with grieving, and most feel they are left to manage it all alone. We will work together to create goals and find the tools, perspective and strategy you need to begin the process of healing

A structured 1:1

coaching program that is applicable for anyone wanting to take the necessary actions to make a transformational change to the emotional impact felt from a specific significant loss, including bereavement, divorce and redundancy.
This is a …-session program, which takes place following the loss, at a time when you need to focus on how to adjust to your new life. The sessions are completely confidential, and tailored to suit the specific needs of the individual. It is not designed to replace any additional counselling or support services they may be undertaking.

During the coaching we will cover:

Understanding your grief – we explore the physical and emotional symptoms of grief, how the loss is impacting you, and explore any specific concerns about readjustment to life.
Navigating your grief in life – focusing on making practical adjustments and establishing what you need, physically and emotionally, to help adjust to working while grieving.
Looking to the future – we explore how your grief has evolved, talk through ongoing challenges faced, and agree strategies to manage your emotional wellbeing, resilience and planning for the future.