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Why Academy of Change

It is the only place that newcomers/immigrants can grow professionally smart and built self-confidence by creating a New Version of themselves to fulfill their goals.

At the Academy of Change, newcomers/immigrants will learn adult theory, transformative learning theory, and the strategies of how to apply these theories to their goals that be more achievable sooner.

Furthermore, the Academy of Change focuses on training on all areas of personal and professional growth skills including interpersonal skills, communication skills, management skills, leadership skills, empowerment skills, shape learning skills, self-coaching skills, and healthy lifestyle. Also, they will learn how to implement these skills in the multiculturalism, multigenerational, and diverse environment.

Our goal

It is to improve the quality of daily social life of newcomers/immigrants through personal and professional development guidelines to be greater high-performers.

Mission Statement

At the Academy of Change, our mission is to enhance the positive social impact on the lives of newcomers/immigrants through discovering the skills that enable them to embrace change and adapt openly to a new culture faster with more confidence.

Foundation for Change

The principals of the foundation for change are your acceptance, commitment, and perseverance in allowing yourself to pursue a meaningful enriching personal and professional growth path.

We are eager on providing you with quality information and tools to assist you to develop the skills you need to accomplish in your personal, professional development and social life.

Discover our extensive selection of cutting-edge tools and resources.

Through a combination of our unique workshops and individual one-on-one coaching, we help newcomers/immigrants develop, clarify, and nurture outstanding skills in order to reach their aims sooner.

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