Coaching – Mitra Mohamadzadeh



Is your team feeling stressed out and unappreciated? Are you looking for ways to help them become more resilient and engaged? Did your company just go through a massive change? Do you want to support your employees to better cope with that significant change, grief or loss, in particular in relation to the current Covid-19 pandemic?

In my workshops, I share proven strategies for creating more positive and productive workplaces based on the findings of rigorous scientific research. My workshops help supporting grief, loss and significant change in the workplace. Participants will come away with a set of tools they can use to develop new skills, increase motivation, bolster good decision-making and increase engagement – their own or their teams.

Here are the workshops I teach:


Adjusting To Change Due To Covid-19 Pandemic Workshop

Change is a form of loss – whether that is suddenly losing something familiar to us, losing our sense of direction and purpose, or the sense of loss we feel when change is extreme, ambiguous and out of our control.  The Coronavirus pandemic is a classic example of this.  A sudden and extreme change to almost all that is familiar to us.

​This workshop covers the ways in which change can impact us – physically and emotionally, how change is uniquely affecting us, and practical tips on how best to support yourself and others who are experiencing extreme change.

The Workshop Covers:

  • The emotions of change
  • Understanding our own response to change
  • Ways to regain a sense of control
  • How we can support others through change
  • How we can support ourselves through change
  • A practical coaching tool to use to support these areas

Grief & Loss Awareness Workshop

Grief is the normal and natural reaction to loss, whether that loss has been brought about by the death of someone important in your life, the end of a significant relationship, or any significant life or change event. The problem is that while grief is a natural emotion, we often feel unprepared for how to deal with it ourselves or help others during this time.

This informative workshop covers the myths and misunderstandings widely held about grief, some grief models that can help to explain the experience, and practical tips on things to say, things to avoid saying, and how best to support yourself and others who are grieving.

The Workshop Covers:

• Understanding grief and bereavement
• Myths and perceptions of grief
• The stages of grief process
• How we can support colleagues who are grieving
• How we can support ourselves when returning to work while grieving
• A grief coaching tool to use


For Managers: Managing an Employee Who Is Grieving

Gain the knowledge and confidence to know how to manage a colleague experiencing grief or traumatic loss.
• Dedicated support and awareness as part of a wellbeing program or initiative
• Specific support where a significant loss has occurred
• As an add-on module to an existing management development training program
By the end of the workshop, participants will feel more comfortable about how to support themselves and employees and how to communicate with a colleague, friend or loved one during this traumatic time.


Grief Recovery Workshop

I created a highly effective grief recovery workshop that will be a great addition to your wellness initiative. The workshop is designed to support employees experiencing the severe impact of bereavement in the context of their professional life. The focus is on returning to work immediately after a significant loss, and how to navigate adjusting back to working life while still grieving.
During the workshop:
– I share the foundation principles of the program and get to know the employee and their unique set of circumstances.
– I guide and support the employee through the actions required to let go of the pain of their loss and regain a sense of balance and perspective.
Participants will experience:
– Transformational change to their perspective and sense of balance in relation to the loss experienced, and a significant reduction to the degree of grief-related pain.
– Have the tools to apply the same process to other losses in their life, now and in the future.
– Will be able to better support their emotional wellbeing using coping techniques and communication strategies bespoke to their needs, and having gained a deeper insight into the ways in which their loss has affected them and others.