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Mitra Mohammadzadeh

Founder of Academy of Change, Certified Professional Coach, Knowledge Broker,
Motivational Speaker,

Mitra helps newcomers/immigrants to achieve their goals sooner with more confidence and productively.

Mitra Mohamadzadeh is a resilient, independent and self-motivated Kurdish woman from Iran who came to Vancouver, BC, Canada as an International ESL student accompanied by her teenage son, Mehrzad, in 2011.

Mitra is an author, motivational speaker, trainer, certified professional career coach who helps newcomers/ immigrants at all levels to achieve their personal and professional goals. She also helps organizations to take their executives and employees through the process of developing relevant skills to increase personal and professional growth, effectiveness, leadership, and create more positive change and productive workplaces.

Her coaching practice was born out of her human resources experience in Iran, Malaysia and Canada. Mitra founded her first coaching practice in 2016 as mitraselfcoaching.com across Montreal, Calgary, and Vancouver, which then grew and morphed into the Academy of Change in 2018. The core foundation of the Academy of Change system are:

  • DARE TO GROW: personal and professional development
  • DARE TO CONNECT: communications skills
  • DARE TO INTERGATE: filling the inter-generational gap.

Mitra is the author of the upcoming book Walk with Myself: a Kurdish Woman’s Journey to Freedom featuring the Dare to Grow Personal and Professional Development System. This book includes her inspirational stories of accepting and embracing change over adversity in Canada. She is also the co-author of the upcoming book, Border Crossers: Where Positive Change Meets Positive Leadership.

Mitra has a dream of “Changing the World” and “Having a Positive Social Impact” on her community. Being around people energizes her. She loves networking and is often told she is an absolute example of a “Net Giver.” Nothing makes her happier than helping people in a coaching relationship and observing the powerful paradigm shifts of accepting and embracing the positive changes that happen. In the past few years, she has volunteered her time at Welcome Centers, Refugee Shelters, the Human Resources Professional Association, Toastmasters International, Ontario Society of Seniors Citizens Organization, and University Settlement.

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