About – Mitra Mohamadzadeh


Mitra Mohamadzadeh

Do you want to improve the quality of daily life? Are you trying to figure out “what’s next” professionally and personally? Or maybe you feel emotionally bulldozed by the pandemic? Those feelings of uncertainty, helplessness and exhaustion may be grief. If so, I am here to help.

I experienced multiple painful and life-altering losses, from losing a loved one, experiencing a layoff, immigrating to a new country and leaving my whole life behind to surviving three major car accidents. I was existing and getting through my life without knowing I was actually experiencing grief until I found the mentors that helped me explain my feelings and helped me to maneuver through my grief and empowered me to truly live again.

Nobody is born knowing how to grieve the loss. It’s something that everyone has to learn eventually. It became my passion to guide my clients through their journey of grief and help them find a new purpose in life. I work with individuals and employees in a life transition who find themselves at a crossroads either through circumstance or choice. I help them identify life going forward, discover challenges associated with their grief, move past that challenges, and help to refocus on life’s goals and possibilities.

What they say!

“From high performing executives and seasoned veterans, to newly hired sales professionals, Mitra inspires everyone and gives them the tools and resources to be a winner.”

Mitra’s relevant content and charismatic delivery allow her to connect and impact audiences from any industry while providing inspiration and the tools to “maximize success.