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Grief Recovery Method

The only evidence-based

Grief Recovery program in the world.

An action-based, powerful, directed approach
to healing from life's deepest heartbreaks.



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When you are suffering, on a daily basis, with the pain of a broken heart, there is one major question you need to ask yourself: Do I want to continue to suffer this pain for the rest of my life? Many people think this is the only option and the fate they must endure forever. Many become accustomed to finding themselves in tears at odd moments throughout their days when they think of love or relationship lost. Others believe their loss has destroyed their happiness and sense of security and now feel that they will be bitter and joyless forever.


That is NOT the case. You have options that can move you out from under this cloud.

We at the Grief Recovery Institute are proud to say that research at Kent State University has shown that The Grief Recovery Method approach to helping grievers deal with the pain of emotional loss in any relationship is “Evidence-Based” and effective. We are also proud to say that our program is the ONLY Grief Support Program to have received this distinction of being evidence-based!

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